Concept Design

From sketching to high-realism 3d computer renderings
All of our ideas start with hand-sketched drawings.

Once we've found the solution that meets all the criteria and gives the look we're aiming for, we transfer the sketches to computer rendered black & white 3d drawings. We view the design from every angle to ensure it all works together and we may create quick animations to get a preview of the visitor experience.

The designs are typically presented to the client at this point to show the design intent and progress. Once this phase is approved, we begin finetuning the concept with colour, textures, finishes, graphic treatments and initial lighting concepts.

At the next stage, we provide high-realism 3d photo-realistic renderings. These drawings typically look virtually identical to the exhibit once it becomes a reality. This process enhances the fabrication drawing process since many of the details have been predetermined.
Strata CX 7, VectorWorks, PhotoShop