Detail Drawings

Expert knowledge of fabrication techniques, materials and specifications for exhibit, museum and graphic designs.
Oulton & Devine use 3d visualization skills combined with over 25 years of drafting experience to create exploded views, cut-away views and step-by-step pictorial details. This approach makes it easier for everyone involved to understand the drawings, allowing the fabrication process to run smoothly, and also ensuring that cost estimates remain on budget.

Visiting the production shops firsthand to see the latest and greatest production methods and techniques is an important factor in the development of our detail drawings. We talk with master carpenters and industry experts to understand fabrication methods and see how computer automated machines and other digital equipment have made production more efficient. This new equipment and technology calls for ever more accurate drawings, a goal we're always striving for.

We are mindful of how the exhibit industry impacts the environment and we are always looking for ways to reduce it. High-quality construction, using local suppliers and sustainable materials as well as collaborating with a reliable fabricator early in a project minimizes errors and provides numerous benefits throughout the production process.
Vectorworks 2012 and Excel